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One Piece 738 Spoiler Summaries [Copy this link to quote]

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    Chapter 738 Trebol army Special officer Sugar
    coverart is Franky and mice living in a dollhouse

    As Leo looks for a chance to rush in with the Tatababasco, Trebol notices a fly flying by.
    He uses his sticky goo like a bullet and instantly kills the fly, and punching it through the walls to outside.

    The Tontattas are worried about Leo, but he claims even if he can catch a fly, he won’t catch me.
    He goes rushing in for Sugar, but Robin stops him. “Wait, Leo!!”

    Meanwhile in the factory…
    500 Tontattas are working like slaves, in the SMILE plant.
    It’s a greenhouse with Elegant Sunflower as sun light, and river of SAD flows from a SAD tank.
    The Tontattas are used as labor because they are able to grow any plant in the world.
    The Family goons abuse them as slaves. The Tontattas were fed rotten food and is in no shape to work, but the man asks them whether they want to save their princess or not.
    They told them the Princess is ill, and only the SMILE can save her. They demand to see their princess,
    but the man tells them he would not want to see them contaminated with the disease, and sheds a fake tear.
    The Tontattas fall for it easily.

    - They think Tontatta Princess is sick on another place and she needs these fruits to cure.
    - Sugar transforms half of dwarfs into toys, they fight with the other dwarfs.
    - Trébol uses his power, raises a ship and throws it to the tower.

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